Images Just Got Bigger on; Here’s How to Make Yours Look Good

A few days ago Twitter announced a change in the way they crop images in tweets on (Nothing has changed as yet on mobile.)

Instead of cropping all images to be the same horizontally formatted size, they increased the height to be the same as the width of the column. Basically, that means you can now upload square images and they won’t get cropped.


Here are some suggestions so you can take advantage of this welcome change.

The column width on is 505 pixels. If your image/photo is horizontal you don’t need to do anything, they’ll look the same as they always have. But, if you’re creating an image specifically to go along with a tweet, I’d suggest making it square. Size the image at 505 x 505 pixels, or 1,100 x 1,100 if you want to optimize them for Retina displays.

If you’re using a vertical image and you want the full image to be visible make sure the image is 505 pixels tall. It won’t fill the width of the column but at least viewers won’t need to click it to see the full image.


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