How to View Your Facebook Pages Feed Without Using Facebook as the Page

Remember when we needed to switch from using Facebook as ourselves to using it as a Page when we wanted to post and comment as that Page or use the Ad Manager or view the feed for Pages we’d liked with that Page? Over time Facebook has slowly made it easier for us to do those things, and others, while using Facebook as ourselves, except for viewing the Pages feed. We still needed to use the “Use Facebook as” dropdown to view the Page feed and if we managed lots of Pages that was more than a little inconvenient. Until now.


Recently, Facebook quietly slipped in the handy new option to View the Page feed for any Page we manage from the Timeline, all while using Facebook as ourselves and it’s possible you hadn’t even noticed. Now, instead of switching to using Facebook as a Page every time you want to view the feed for that Page, you can get to it right from the Page’s Timeline.

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  • Hugh Briss

    This is a test.

  • Hugh Briss

    You need to look at the business page not your personal page, Robyn.

    • Robyn Williams

      Ok, that will be it. :)

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