Happiness is When Facebook Does Something That Actually Looks Good

coke-cover-thenEDIT: Unfortunately, since I first wrote this, Facebook has gone back to adding the gradient again.

When Facebook repositioned the Page name and category on our Facebook pages a couple years ago to move them from below the Timeline cover to inside the cover, they couldn’t figure out how that was going to work when people used a light or white background image so they pulled an amateur design trick and added a grey overlay¬†to the bottom third of the cover. That obviously helped the white text of the page name stand out on light backgrounds, but damn, it looked terrible.


A couple days ago I noticed that the ugly gradient is gone. I had used a background image with some light to white areas allowing for the grey overlay Facebook added to the bottom and had to adjust my cover image to compensate for the missing gradient, but it was a simple modification I was more than happy to make.

If you have a profile photo that is designed to tie in with the overall cover image you may want to check to make sure the missing gradient hasn’t affected your intended effect.

There is a possibility this was an oversight because the gradient is still there for Pages on mobile and on personal Timelines, but I for one have my fingers crossed it’s gone for good, at least on the desktop.

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